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Washing Your Boutique Clothing

How to keep your favorite wardrobe pieces looking like new!

I know, I know! We are ALL busy and most of us despise laundry. But, we pay good money for our clothing, so it’s worth taking the time to pamper them. You’ll be surprised at how much longer they’ll look new if you do. Your boutique items are delicate, and should be laundered with care. 

Too often we put clothes in the washing machine without looking at the fabric care labels.  Make it a habit to start looking. Most of the time, they contain valuable advice, such as turning delicates and denim inside out before washing, washing delicates in cold water only, or avoiding the dryer.

Dirty Delicates! DON'T STOP READING YET... Here’s what I have done for years.  They NEVER go in the dryer and ALWAYS get washed on delicate with NO fabric softener and only a small amount of laundry detergent. I also turn them inside out to wash. But, let’s face it, not everything needs washed after every wear. WINNING! (Basically, just give it a sniff test and make sure there are no stains then hang it back up.) 

I have a designated area (a not-so tidy pile in the corner of my closet) for my dirty delicates just to ensure they won’t get ruined in a regular laundry cycle. When I have several, I wash them all together (except whites) on delicate with a very small amount of laundry detergent and NO fabric softener. When they’re done, I hang them to air dry. For sweaters, lay flat to dry. I have a small fan that pivots horizontally to blow under the clothing. You don’t need that type of fan. Air drying is perfect but some air moving around will shorten the drying time. 

I promise... it’s worth it! I’ve been wearing some of my favorite leggings, tops, and dresses for 3+ years and they still look new.

You certainly don’t have to do this though... I’ll be happy to keep supplying you with awesome pieces that you can launder however you choose. Ha, Ha! 

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